Aorus Clash 2021

After a successful first collaboration with Gigabyte, we offered Gigabyte a custom arena for one of their sub brands, Aorus.
For that collaboration, we launched the 31-tournament event, Aorus Clash. The event, covering the MENA region in its entirety, had a total of 3,119 players participating in 5 games, League of Legends, Valorant, Fortnite, PUBG, Crossfire, and Rainbow Six Seige. So here is a look on this event’s details and numbers.

As PUBG’s 7 tournaments led with over 750 participants, Valorant and Fortnite followed with a little less than 750 participants and 4 tournaments each. Crossfire was next on the list with around 600 participants and 12 tournaments. Then League of legends (4 tournaments) and Rainbow Six Seige’s single tournament followed with a little less than 250 participants.

As for the reach, this event managed to score a total social media reach of 323k, as we had a social media plan for the event to cross-post and promote it all over social media by game publishers, gaming communities, and partners of GBarena. In addition to all that, a Discord server was made for the Aorus Arena. 

One of the highlights of the event was the PUBG stream. The Ramadan and Eid PUBG tournaments were streamed on Twitch by one of the most famous PUBG streamers, Alkandari 89, who is also an official MENA region partner of PUBG’s. Those streams had an average of 100+ viewers per stream, and over 7k viewers in total. 
The Valorant tournament too was streamed on Rawa TV. The tournament Operation Spike scored over 17k viewers of which over 900 were unique viewers.

We handle everything for our clients, so we did so for Aorus. We handled all communications with the game publishers, we handled the marketing plan, tournaments organization, and artwork designs. With a prize pool of $10,648, this tournament reached the MENA region as a whole, different age brackets, and even pro teams such as Nasr Esports, Gamax Leo Esports, and Ruined Esports. And of course, this was only one of many collaborations to come with Aorus in the future.

One Step ahead!

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