Ramadan 2020 Esports Event

GBarena’s Ramadan Event has been a hit for three years in a row now. An event that consists of a series of tournaments for different games. Serving the highest quality tournaments and fun events for the MENA region’s gamers. Now for the year 2020’s Ramadan, GBarena had a massive success delivering a flawless 50-tournament event. An event that had a total reach of 8.6 MILLION, and over 34.5K participants. Now let’s dive in for some highlights, shall we?

The event had participants from all around the MENA region, and most importantly, its most active countries in the esports scene. Such as Morocco, Algeria, and Kuwait. The diversity in the event was not only in the nationality of players but also in their age brackets.

The game publishers promoted the event’s tournaments on their official social media account, which had a huge impact on the reach count.

For only its second year, it raised the standards of the MENA region’s quality of events. This event was only sponsored by IntelAorus, and Man Look. GBarena continuously works hard on scoring even more sponsors, partnering up with whoever is game for the challenge, and supporting other gaming communities to build a better foundation for this unique region, focusing mainly on providing gamers with a competitive fun experience they would come back for whenever possible.

One Step ahead!

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