OPPO Reno 5 Cup

Targeting a specific category of gamers, mobile gamers, GBarena had the honor of hosting OPPO’s promotional campaign for their new phone, Reno5, the official designated smartphone for PUBG Mobile. The campaign scored 15,800,000+ reach, and consisted of four major events.

Influencers Challenges event.

Having been streamed on 8 different pages of participating streamers, this event’s had over 930k streams and videos views, and concluded with 1.6 million total reach.

Fun Activity Open Tournaments.

A copy of the Influencers Challenges event, but this one was open for everyone. An event of 4 fun challenges that had over 1.94k participants.

The Invitational Cup

Streamed from the ArabHardware studio on 8 different pages and YouTube channels, the 3-day tournament had 25 of the biggest PUBG Mobile teams in Egypt competing. Those teams included QLASH Egypt, Suicide Squad X, RA’AD, and The warriors.

The Open Tournament

Over the course of 10 qualifiers leading to the finals with the qualified teams, this event proved the success of the 4-step plan of the campaign as it concluded with over 12.185k participants. 

In order for this event to be as successful as it was, a number of services needed to be delivered flawlessly. Those services included GBarena setting a marketing plan for the campaign, organizing the tournaments, creating a custom page for OPPO on the website, artwork design, analytical studio, live streaming, a photo session for top teams and streamers, and managing the communication with the game publisher. Each one of these services helped the event come together for the satisfaction of its audience, and was simply a step towards delivering a memorable esports experience.

One Step ahead!

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